Are you an expert massage therapist looking for insurance? As a massage therapist, whether it be a student or qualified expert, you manage clients in need on a daily basis helping to support their health and well-being. Unfortunately, accidents happen even for the most experienced massage therapists and you could be liable for the consequences. This is where insurance coverage is important; you may need to provide compensation if a client claims you acted negligently or states your treatment worsened a pre-existing condition. 


Professional Beauty Direct is an industry leader in massage therapist insurance in the UK, covering all elements necessary to ensure you operate safely whether it be independently, within a salon. Our insurance for massage therapists covers:


  • Accidents and reactions to treatments
  • £6,000,000 Liability cover
  • £10,000,000 Employers liability cover (Salons only)
  • Free professional beauty magazine subscription with all salon policies
  • Business interruption, money and glass cover (Salons only)


Expert Insurance for Massage Therapists


For most massage therapists, the most rewarding element of the job is improving clients health and well-being, especially when you’ve seen a long-standing client’s quality of life improve drastically as a direct result of your work. However, we understand one of the most worrying aspects of the role is what happens when something goes wrong. Just like any profession which is based on physical work, risks come hand-in-hand. For example, a client could allege that you’ve acted negligently which aggravated the pre-existing condition or you accidentally damaged an item in their home if you were on a mobile visit. Other risks need to be considered too, such as, if a client has an allergic reaction to the massage creams or oils, or someone slips over on some spilt oil. Massage insurance protects both you, your staff, your client’s, as well as equipment and stock from accidents like these. 


Why do I need massage therapy insurance?


Whether you are a student or qualified, self-employed or a salon owner, yourself and/or your employees have direct exposure to clients and will be providing a service which involves manipulating soft body tissue. Your responsibilities may include, but not be limited to:


  • Massaging and manipulating soft body tissues to improve medical conditions, injuries and/or general well-being and health.
  • Discussing with clients their medical histories and their current pain points to address and identify how massage will aid support.
  • Be responsible for maintaining and updating treatment reports.
  • Frequently assess the client’s condition to establish progress and help diagnosis further treatment.
  • Develop and create tailored massage treatment plans.
  • Provide expert and professional advice.
  • Liaise with other healthcare professionals when necessary to assist with the development and creation of treatment plans.
  • Prepare and blend massage oils and/or creams necessary for the treatment.


A client could claim if a mistake has occurred during treatment, false advice has been given or there has been a mishandling of confidential data for example. Massage therapy coverage provides protection for yourself but also gives your clients reassurance knowing you have invested in protecting their interests. 


Our standard insurance covers:


  • Public liability: This type of insurance covers injury to another person whether that be within the business premises or within a client’s home. It also covers damage caused to the client’s property during a visit to their home.
  • Product liability: This insurance covers you in the event that a product sold by yourself causes damage or harm to the client.
  • Treatment liability: This insurance covers you in case a client claims you have caused them injury or illnesses as a result of the treatment you provided.


Insurance for Mobile Massage Therapists


If you are a mobile massage therapist you are in luck, our insurance policies cover self-employed individuals which travel to third party venues and premises, or work from home or rent a room in a salon, to administer their treatments. For more information regarding our services please do not hesitate to get in touch and we can find a policy that is suited to your profession.


What other insurance do to we do?


Insurance for massage therapists is amongst a long list of beauty and salon treatments we cover. Our insurance policies are designed to cover all the treatments you and/or your business are qualified to administer. Whether you are qualified in one area or several treatments, this can be incorporated into your insurance policy. We have an extensive treatment list, however, if you are an expert in a treatment not listed on our site, please get in touch and we’ll discuss your needs.


Other treatments we cover include:


How can Professional Beauty Direct Help


We are passionate about helping beauty experts and ensuring their business is a success with our insurance policies, it’s our specialism after all! We are committed to breaking the stereotype often associated with insurance companies: intimidating, unapproachable and incomprehensible. If you’re looking for a personable and approachable insurance company please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your insurance requirements. 


We are proud to offer a professional, credible and trustworthy service which makes your profession more enjoyable and secure. Our customer service team are always on hand to make the process of implementing an insurance policy as smooth as possible, this includes helping you understand typically confusing policies and industry jargon. 


Contact us now to speak to one of our massage therapist insurance experts. 

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