Are you looking for professional barber insurance? We know it can be difficult finding the right insurance policy for you. At Professional Beauty Direct we are committed to making the process a fuss-free experience. 


As a well-established, reputable barber you’ve probably got clients that have been coming to you for years. And even if you’re just starting out in your career, you want the groundwork of your business to be in place so you can successfully build an extensive portfolio of customers. 


You’re responsible for making your male clients look and feel great. From cutting, trimming and styling to providing facial hair maintenance, tailored shaves and other men’s grooming services, you’re a craftsman when it comes to men’s hair. With insurance for barbers, freelance barbers and barber shops, you can protect both your craft, your team of talented barbers and your successful portfolio of clientele. 


Just with any profession, accidents can happen. You’ll be working with scissors, clippers, trimmers, straight razors and shears to name a few. You may have the steadiest of hands and good finger dexterity, but if a client is cut accidentally by your tools or they experience an allergic reaction to your hair products or dye, it is vital you’re protected in the event a client makes a claim against you. 


If a customer does make a claim this can be a big hurdle to overcome, especially if you aren’t insured. You could be expected to pay up to £100,000 dependent on the claim; a figure of this sum could completely damage the livelihood of your business. However, with barber insurance you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected in all scenarios, allowing you to go about your every day without any stresses or worries.


Freelance Barber Insurance

As a freelance barber, you’ll be mobile or flexible in your day-to-day schedule, possibly renting a chair within a barbershop. Freelance barber insurance ensures you’re protected when clients visit you or when you visit them at their home or office.

With a freelance barber insurance policy from Professional Beauty Direct you’ll receive:

  • Public liability cover which ensures you’re protected when an injury is caused to clients within your place of work e.g. client slips on a wet or icy step in winter.
  • Treatment liability cover which covers you in the event you accidentally injure a client e.g. cut them by mistake
  • Product liability cover which means if a product sold by you causes an allergic reaction or harm to your client, you will be protected. 
  • Optional kit and equipment cover. We know how much professional scissors, razors and clippers can cost and if you’re travelling to various locations you’ll want your expensive kit covered from damage or theft.

We understand finding the right insurance can be a time-consuming task. We try and make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible by cutting out the legal jargon and putting your needs first. We are a small and friendly team of expert beauty and hair insurers helping your protect and achieve your business goals!


Barber Shop Insurance

It is a big responsibility running your own barbershop; you’re managing a team of talented barbers, handling clients coming in and out all day and looking after all the behind the scene tasks and management. Barbershop insurance will take one thing off your mind and offer you protection in case something goes wrong. 


Barbershop insurance will protect you in the event that damage is caused to your shop, you’ve accidentally provided false advice, and if a client suffers an injury or allergic reaction to your treatment or products. Accidents often happen when you least expect it so it’s worth having the right protection in place to cover you when a claim may rise against you. 


As well as being covered with public and treatment liability and product liability insurance, our barbershop insurance policy also covers your stock and contents, your employees, money and glass cover and gives business interruption cover if you suffer a loss of earnings due to damage to your barbershop for instance. Employers liability insurance ensures you’re protected if an employee makes a claim against you for a work-related illness or injury and this is a legal requirement if you have employees.


How can Professional Beauty Direct help?

At Professional Beauty Direct, we are a small team of expert beauty, hair and nail insurers passionate about helping barbers, hairdressers, therapists, technicians and practitioners protect their successful businesses and reputation. We don’t provide any other kind of insurance so rest assured you’re speaking to specialists at Professional Beauty Direct.


We’re dedicated to making insurance an enjoyable, fuss-free process. We work closely with you to understand your business and treatment needs. We’ll breakdown the technical legal jargon so you completely understand your insurance policy and what level of protection you need. We go the extra mile to help in any way that we can. And because we are such a small team, there is a high chance you’ll be able to deal with the same person throughout the whole process.


Don’t leave it to chance, accidents can happen at the most unlikely of times and places. Ensure you’re protected with professional product, public and treatment liability cover to carry out your hair treatments with peace of mind. Please contact us today to speak to one of our barber insurance experts.

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£6,000,000 Liability Cover
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