Professional Beauty Direct provides comprehensive insurance for complementary therapists, with £6 million standard cover for public, product and treatment liability. Through our quote and buy system, you can benefit from insurance protection immediately. Additionally, we provide extensions to our packages to cover teacher training and property/equipment at a small additional cost. 


At Professional Beauty Direct, we understand that as a complementary therapist, your job is important in helping improve the mental and physical wellbeing of your clients via complementary therapies and holistic treatments. Our complementary therapy insurance ensures you are able to carry out work without worrying about compensation claims. 


Complementary therapies are often a popular choice for people who would like to try alternatives to standard medical treatments. This may be for a variety of reasons, such as the need to manage symptoms while on a waiting list for more medical-based treatments, disliking current medication or harsh side effects, disagreeing with the doctor’s approach or simply because you would like to give it a chance. 


The types of treatments classed under ‘complementary’ therapy often involve taking a holistic approach to healing. This involves focusing on treating the body as a whole, rather than focusing on individual issues. Complementary therapists take into consideration a person’s emotions, mood, body and mind when providing a diagnosis and treatment for a customer. 


The procedures can help cure numerous ailments and have proven to be incredibly effective at reducing the symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress and depression. 


As with many beauty and wellness therapies, there is always a risk however that your treatments may cause a reaction to your client. 


Some serious injuries include: Triggering contractions in pregnant women through shiatsu or reflexology treatments, organ failure through herbal medicine interfering with prescription medication and other minor risks including Allergic reactions, mild bruising, sickness or rashes.  


Although we hope that you never need to use your complementary therapy insurance policy, we know that these situations can sometimes be unavoidable even if you’ve followed all your training and any manufacturers product guidelines. However, with our help,  you can keep doing what you do best without worrying about the financial damage and loss of reputation as a result of a compensation claim.


What Does Complementary Therapy Include?

Complementary therapy is not limited to one or two types of treatment, but rather refers to a number of practices. At Professional Beauty Direct, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive insurance policies for as many treatments as we can. Currently some of the treatments we cover are: 

  • Massage Therapy - Perhaps the most popular form of complementary therapy; massages can soothe tensions and feelings of anxiety. It can also help the rehabilitation of muscular injuries. 
  • Reiki - Involves using a technique to channel energy onto the patient. This is to promote a natural healing process in order to aid well-being improvement. 
  • Aromatherapy - This popular therapy form uses essential oils to ease stress and promote a healthy mental state. 
  • Sports Massage Therapy - This type of massage treatment is favoured by athletes and those who are active frequently. It can be used to prevent injuries from repeated strain to bones and muscles.
  • Reflexology - Is ideal for alleviating symptoms of stress and tension. It involves applying varying amounts of pressure to the feet, head and hands. 
  • Alexander Technique - The patient is taught ways to be more aware of their own bodies. This can help to rid the body of tension and can relieve issues such as neck pain, poor posture and sore shoulders. 
  • Bowen Technique - This treatment involves working on the soft, connective tissues in the body as a form of non-invasive therapy. 
  • CranioSacral Therapy - Is a form of therapy that is suitable for everyone, young and old. It can help reduce stress by placing light pressure and touch on particular areas of the head. 
  • Shiatsu - Is another touch-based therapy process where pressure is applied to various areas of the body to improve health and wellbeing. 


Our Complementary Therapist Insurance Cover


We at Professional Beauty Direct always have your best interests at heart. We understand that unforeseen circumstances are always a risk when running a business, which is why our policies have £6 million cover as standard. We provide product liability, treatment liability and public liability along with an option to add extensions to your complementary therapist insurance policy. This includes teacher training cover and up to £5,000 or £10,000 of equipment and property cover


  • Public liability cover is essential to protect you in case an accident occurs to a customer on your premises which is unrelated to your treatment. This will also cover unintentional damage to clients’ personal belongings. 
  • Product liability cover will help compensate your client if they are ever injured as a result of purchasing from you, the products you used during their treatment. This applies to instances such as allergic reactions caused by a lotion or massage oil or something used as part of an aftercare process. 
  • Treatment liability cover will protect you if your complementary therapy treatment causes irritation or an injury to a customer. This is also applicable to any pre- or aftercare services that may be provided. 


What Other Insurance Policies Do We Offer?


Professional Beauty Direct are insurance specialists for the beauty, hair and nail industries, with policies designed to meet your business’ requirements. 


We offer insurance covers for the following:


How can Professional Beauty Direct Help?


With Professional Beauty Direct, you are guaranteed an experience that is completely personal. Whether you are a salon owner or a mobile sports therapy masseuse, understanding which situations your policy covers is incredibly important. This way, you are prepared for any situation you may encounter in the future. We understand that insurance jargon can be a nightmare, which is why we promise to keep the process as simple and as easy to understand as possible. 


Our simple quote and buy system allows you to purchase your policy instantly so that you can benefit from cover straight away. 


If you require more information about our complementary therapy insurance UK policies, contact us online or alternatively call us on 0345 605 8670. 


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