Are you looking for student beauty insurance? We offer expert insurance for student beauty therapists. We understand everyone starts somewhere in their career - why not kickstart yours with the right professional student insurance.


As a student beautician, hairdresser or nail technician, the early stages of your training are vitally important to shape your career. Not only do you get a sense of where your flare lies, but you also get to master your technique. 


We recognise mistakes and accidents are part and parcel of learning, helping you grasp the do’s and don’ts and the best technique for you. Our beauty insurance for students offers public, product and treatment liability cover, taking away any unnecessary pressure when learning the tricks of the trade.

What does our Student Beauty Insurance include?


Insurance can be the making or breaking of your career. If a claim against you arises, especially when you’re training, it can be difficult and not to mention expensive to overcome. 


Whether it be a spilt nail varnish, damage to a clients property or a client suffers a reaction to the treatment you have administered, our insurance can protect you from claims made against you.


Our insurance policy includes:


  • Public liability cover: This protects you if a client sustains a non-treatment based injury during a visit to your premises, for example, if you have your own treatment room or rent a chair and they slip or trip over on a step entering the property. This also covers you if you accidentally damage a clients property if you visit their home.
  • Treatment liability cover: This protects you if a client sustains an injury or illnesses as a result of the treatment or advice provided by you.
  • Product liability cover: This protects you against claims of an injury caused by products sold or supplied by you.


Our student beauty insurance is offered subject to the following terms and conditions:


We will not cover any liability arising out of or in connection with any treatment carried out by you where you are not qualified in the treatment being undertaken, except:

  • under the direct supervision of a qualified person; or
  • for students case study work; or
  • for other work prior to the qualification being obtained, if deemed ready or competent to do so by your school or tutor


providing that;


  • you do not practise outside the scope of what you have been taught and that regular supervision, ongoing case consultation and review for case studies is in place;
  • You are to declare to any person prior to offering treatment that you are not qualified;
  • You may charge a fee if appropriate, provided this is allowed by the tutor or school in question and that it is a modest amount and evidently lower than an experienced and qualified professional would normally charge


Once you are a fully qualified beautician, you can upgrade immediately to one of our self-employed policies designed for:



Even if you decide to study in another area of beauty once you’re fully qualified, you will still be covered by our policies as Case Study cover is included as standard.


For example - You would purchase our student beauty insurance policy while studying for an NVQ 2 Beauty course, once qualified you’ll upgrade your insurance policy to full self-employed cover which will provide you with insurance for your NVQ 2 beauty treatments (subject to them appearing on your list of treatments covered) and continue to cover your student and case study cover while your work towards your NVQ 3 qualification.


Please note:

  • These policies are not designed for salon owners
  • These policies do not cover you having employees or being an employee of a salon owner
  • Cover for hair extensions is for qualified hairdressers only


What other insurance cover do we offer?


As beauty insurance specialists, we offer policies for an extensive list of treatments. Whether you’re a freelance or mobile technician, a salon owner - we can equip you with the necessary insurance for full protection. 


If you are unsure whether we cover the products or services offered by yourself, please get in touch online, via email or phone call; we are a small and friendly team always looking to help and advise our clients. 


How can Professional Beauty Direct help?


Although small, we pride ourselves on offering a one-of-kind service which is designed to help self-employed, freelance or mobile beauticians, and salon owners build a successful and well-established business in the future. 


We avoid overcomplicating insurance documents and break down legal jargon so you can understand the insurance policy you’re taking out and what it includes. 


If you would like to discuss your insurance needs in more detail, please contact us online, via email or call 0345 605 8670.

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