Professional Beauty Direct are proud Sports Massage Therapy insurance package providers, with up to £6 million public liability, product liability and treatment liability cover. With our quote and buy system, you can benefit from insurance protection from the get-go. 


Although we hope you never need to use it, we at Professional Beauty Direct believe in preparing for the future with our comprehensive policy which covers you for all aspects of sports massage. This way, you can comfortably practise your treatments without worrying about any damage made to your reputation or business.


The practice of sports massage therapy has existed for centuries, with some of the earliest references made to the treatment by healthcare practitioners in Chinese texts of 2500 BC. Massage treatments were also frequently used in ancient Greece and Rome, where gladiators and athletes’ muscles were prepared for optimal performance. 


Sports massage therapists are a highly valued addition to a variety of sporting industries, from those competing at beginners to international level. Whether you offer your services to the general public or a sports club, it is imperative to have an appropriate sports massage insurance package that you can fall back on in case of any claims made against you or your business. 


As with any massage practises, there will always be risks when providing treatment. Due to practitioners being in close contact with clients, strenuous massage techniques can occasionally cause discomfort or may even result in more serious damage to the body. 


Other risks of sports massage include potential injury inflicted if any pre-existing medical conditions or special requirements are undisclosed. Massage can also cause mild stress to the nervous system, nerve lesions or bruising and impair athletic performance. 


Rest assured with a sports therapist insurance policy in place, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected in the unlikely event a claim against you does arise. Wave goodbye to worries of financial and reputational damage. Professional Beauty Direct are here to help. 


Offer another type of massage treatment? Take a look at our full treatment list for further information on the various massages we cover. 


What Does Our Sports Therapy Insurance Cover Include


The Professional Beauty Direct sports massage therapy insurance policy will cover you for £6 million of product liability, treatment liability and public liability in a package that is designed to meet your business’ requirements. 



  • Public liability cover is essential to protect you if a client injures themselves in an accident that is unrelated to your treatment. This can include tripping over objects on your premises. Public liability cover can also provide compensation in case you damage your customer’s personal belongings. 


  • Treatment liability cover will protect you if your massage treatment results in injury to your client. This is also inclusive of any pre- or aftercare services that you may provide. 


  • Product liability cover will protect you if an injury occurs to your client as a result of a product supplied by you that is related to your treatment,  e.g. an allergic reaction caused by a lotion or massage oil, provided you have followed manufacturers guidelines and patch tested where necessary.


What Other Insurance Do We offer


In addition to sports therapist insurance, we specialise in offering leading insurance policies for all practitioners of the beauty, holistic or relaxation industries. We want to ensure that you are prepared for any situation while doing what you love. 


We offer protection for over 300 treatments including the following:


How Can Professional Beauty Direct Help?


Insurance jargon can be incredibly difficult to understand. At Professional Beauty Direct we explain your cover in simple terms.  We are on hand Monday – Friday 9-5 to talk to you on the phone.  No time to talk? Send us an email to check course lengths, qualifications age limits and much more.  We love nothing more than assisting our customers. 


Our simple quote and buy system allows you to purchase your policy straight away so that you can benefit from instant cover. 


If you require more information about our sports therapist insurance UK policies, contact us online or alternatively call us on 0345 605 8670. 

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