As a hairdresser or stylist,  your job is important throughout the year. Whether it’s summer or winter, your clients come to you to look and feel beautiful. You are required to treat your customers with a service that is tailored to suit their hair, whether it has been pre-coloured, damaged or just untrimmed. In addition to your in-salon services, more often than not you are trusted to give hair care advice in all areas, such as wig and extension maintenance or scalp treatments. 


Our job at Professional Beauty Direct is to offer our hairstylist insurance services to meet your professional requirements. Our team have a specialist understanding of the beauty and hair industry and we aim to make the subject of insurance less intimidating and more approachable, whether you are a newly qualified hairdresser looking for a hairdressing insurance package or a more experienced hairstylist, our self-employed hairdresser insurance policy is designed to cover you in all circumstances.


Do Mobile Hairdressers need Insurance?


Our standard freelance hairdressing and stylist insurance covers all types of cutting, colouring and styling. As with any profession, there is always a risk of causing accidental injury to a customer, for example;  if they are burnt by your hair curler or if they have a severe allergic reaction to your styling products. This is why we offer a liability cover of £6,000,000 which will keep your business safe and give you peace of mind. Amongst other things we cover:

  • Brazilian Blowdry
  • Permanent Hair Weaving
  • Yuko Hair Straightening 
  • Standard Hair Cutting, Drying or Styling
  • Hair Colouring 
  • Hair Extension


As a self-employed or mobile hairdresser or stylist, your top-range equipment guarantees your success, from your stock of hair products to your scissors and salon-quality hair dryers or straighteners. Building up an inventory of your tools is not easy and it is certainly not cheap. We also realise it’s not a quick process mastering hairdressing and styling. It takes years of practice and work experience. Our insurance for self-employed hairdressers ensures the time and money you’ve spent investing in your business isn’t damaged as a result of a customer claim. If you’re looking for kit or equipment protection, this can be incorporated within your policy as an optional extra at a small additional cost. 


If you would like to find out more information, please take a look at our Treatments List. If you are still unable to find the service you offer, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll confirm whether we cover that treatment.


As an extension of our policy, we can add Teacher Training, which can cover you as a tutor and up to 15 students in your class.


We currently have three types of liability insurance covers, which include: Public Liability Insurance, Treatment Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance


Public Liability Insurance covers any injuries or accidents which may occur in your home or at your work premises, such as a customer falling over your equipment. 


A product Liability Insurance covers the products you sell to your clients following a treatment, e.g. the products you used on them or aftercare products. This means that if a client has an allergic reaction to a product, providing all T&C’s have been followed, the claim will be covered. 


Treatment Liability Insurance will cover claims that may be made against you by a client if they experience an illness or injury as a result of a treatment provided by you.


What other types of insurance do we provide?


We pride ourselves in providing a great mobile hairdressing insurance policy that can cover the treatments that you offer to your clients. However, if you’re a mobile beauty and hair technician offering an array of different services, our Beauty policy can be chosen to cover all aspects of hair and beauty. Professional Beauty Direct also offers the following insurance policies: 


If you are unable to find your services on our list, please use our handy step-by-step form or contact us to speak to our friendly team today.

How can Professional Beauty Direct help you?

We know that insurance policies can be difficult to understand and can be tedious at times. This is why at Professional Beauty Direct, we aim to make insurance more accessible for everyone so that you can see how our policies will protect your business in the long term. Our team is comprised of a small and talented group of individuals who are industry-leading specialists in beauty-related insurance, so we can advise you on any issues, whether they are big or small. We have your business and success in our best interest, which is why our hairdressing insurance policy is fuss-free and stress-free. 


We also offer a discount on our Professional Beauty magazine subscription if you purchase our Hairdresser and Stylist Insurance today!


If you would like to hear more about our hairdresser insurance policy, please contact us online or call us on 03456 058 670. You can also click on “Buy Now” to read our entire policy for further information. 


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Have you ever dreamed of teaching what you love? Whether you're an experienced MUA, lash artist, nail technician, hairdresser, or a dedicated holistic therapist, we can help you to elevate your career to new heights. Becoming an accredited trainer is more affordable than you might imagine. With our reputable name supporting you, you can significantly enhance the quality of your courses and provide your students with qualifications they can trust. If you are a training school or provider and want your courses to be accredited by Professional Beauty Direct, please contact us for more details. Or if you’re looking to train in a new treatment, click here to view our PBD Accredited Training Schools and Academies.

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