Microblading has become a beauty obsession globally and there’s no surprise why. If you’re looking for a hassle-free solution to creating fuller, thicker yet completely natural looking eyebrows, then microblading or micropigmentation is the answer. Microblading uses semi-permanent make-up to create a totally bespoke eyebrow architecture suited to the individual face. More often than not, people look to microblading to enhance the shape of their eyebrows following years of over plucking resulting in stunted regrowth. 


Unlike tattooing which uses a tattoo gun to penetrate into the deep layer of the skin, microblading focuses on creating natural hair strokes on the surface of the skin using a scalpel-like hand tool with micro-needles and pigment. 


As an expert in microblading you’ll understand how rewarding it is transforming someone’s eyebrows but also the risks involved with providing a semi-permanent brow makeover. When making fine incisions manually into the skin there is always cause for concern. Whether it be a claim of negligence or a case of infected eyebrows it is crucial you have insurance in place. Insurance could be your saving grace in the event that a client makes an unexpected claim against you. 


Please note, we do require that you hold an NVQ Level 3 or equivalent in Beauty Therapy for us to cover you in this treatment.


Our microblading insurance covers:

  • Accidents and reactions to treatments (subject to following T&C’s)
  • £6,000,000 Liability cover
  • £10,000,000 Employers liability cover for Salons
  • Free professional beauty magazine subscription with all salon policies
  • Business interruption, money and glass cover with all salon policies


Expert Insurance for Brow Technicians


Sculpting brows through microblading is a form of art that requires attention-to-detail, patience and care. Although microblading is classified as semi-permanent makeup, with regular top-ups and great aftercare, microblading can be a more permanent solution. As such, it is important as a microblading technician to get the brow architecture right. 


We at Professional Beauty Direct understand you provide a transformational service to your clients that not only enhances their natural beauty but boosts their confidence and self-esteem. We also want to boost your confidence and self-esteem by providing you with full protection whilst you operate. Just like any profession, especially in physical roles, there is always a worry of the potential risks involved. It only takes one client to claim for a case of infected eyebrows, mistreatment or negligence to really damage your brand and potentially collapse your business, that’s why we provide insurance which covers treatment liability and public liability allowing you to operate without any worries or unnecessary stress.


Why do I need microblading insurance?

Whether you’re freelance, self-employed or work within a salon, our microblading insurance allows you to protect your successful business in the event that a claim is made against you. Your responsibilities may include, but not be limited to: 

  • Communicating with your clients to understand their wishes and requirements.
  • Providing expert suggestions in terms of eyebrow architecture and colour options.
  • Responsible for the health and safety of your clients.
  • Ensuring equipment is sterilized and sanitised at all times.
  • Defining the architecture of the eyebrow using facial structure and eyebrow design skills.
  • Mixing colour pigment to meet the clients desired look.
  • Use professional and correct equipment to microblade natural hair strokes creating a thicker, fuller look. 
  • Provide expert and professional aftercare advice.


A claim could arise if a client feels any of your duties have not been properly executed and have resulted in negligence or an accident. Insurance for microblading or brow technicians provides you and your business with protective cover and also peace of mind for clients knowing you have their best interests at heart.  

Our insurance covers:

  • Treatment liability: Providing you are fully qualified and adhere to the terms and conditions in the policy wording, the microblading treatment you carry out is covered if an injury occurs to your client or they have a reaction to the treatment.
  • Public liability: This insurance covers your client in the event of an injury occurring within the client’s home or third-party premises. It also covers the client’s property if an item becomes damaged during a visit e.g. something spilt on a handbag for instance.
  • Product liability: The insurance covers you in the event that you sell products to clients which you’ve used or recommended during their treatment and that product turns out to be faulty or cause a reaction.


What other insurance do we do?


We have an extensive range of insurance policies suitable for a number of beauty, nail and hair treatments. For example, whether you’re a specialist in one treatment or are qualified to administer multiple beauty treatments we can offer you insurance policies suited to your requirements and skills. Other treatment insurance available include:


How can Professional Beauty Direct help?


We are one of the UK’s leading insurance policy providers for beauticians and hairdressers. We are passionate about offering welcoming, friendly and approachable services to make the process of securing business insurance more enjoyable and hassle-free. 

Insurance policies frequently use industry jargon which can be difficult to understand and digest; our customer service team are always on hand to provide professional and expert advice when it comes to beauty insurance and go the extra mile to ensure you fully understand what an insurance policy means for you.


Please contact us to speak to one of our insurance specialists for more information regarding our products and services. 

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