Dedicated providers of leading insurance policies for the beauty industry, Professional Beauty Direct are proud to offer insurance for Microdermabrasion specialists throughout the UK. We offer public liability, product liability and treatment liability cover as standard, however, using our quote and buy system, clients have the option to extend the insurance package to cover property/equipment and teacher training, for an additional premium. Our insurance covers treatment, public and product liability cover up to a huge £6 million.


As a Microdermabrasion therapist, the treatment involves sophisticated equipment and techniques to be able to provide the highest quality of service to your customers. Whilst the treatment is not very invasive, you will be well aware that just like any other facial beauty treatments, they come with their own risks, as everyone is different.  The side effects for some people can range from anything like the tightness of the skin, mild to moderate redness and unwanted acne breakouts to lightening or darkening of skin tones in certain areas. Although you would discuss these possibilities at the consultation stage, some clients skin may react more intensely than others. 


Even though you, as the Microdermabrasion therapist, do your best to inform your customers of all possible risks, it only takes one bad reaction to treatment to enthral you in legal proceedings and compensation claims that could cost you your business. Professional Beauty Direct’s Microdermabrasion Insurance Cover can help you and your business fight or pay any claim that may arise from a bad reaction to microdermabrasion. 

What is Microdermabrasion?


Microdermabrasion is an increasingly popular procedure, which is minimally invasive and generally safe. It is carried out on customers who want to revive the overall skin tone and skin texture and can help reduce the appearance of sun damage. It is also used to help soften wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and acne scarring, as well as melasma, and other dermatological conditions.
Microdermabrasion is carried out with a special applicator that has a slightly abrasive surface, used to gently remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells.


Another microdermabrasion method involves spraying tiny crystals of aluminium oxide or bicarbonate of soda to achieve the same effect as using abrasive material directly on the skin. In the end, a small suction tool is used to collect the dead skin from the surface.
Some people might consider getting the Microdermabrasion procedure if they have one or more of the following skin concerns:

  • fine lines and wrinkles on the face
  • hyperpigmentation aka age spots or brown spots
  • enlarged pores and blackheads (particularly in the T zone)
  • are acne-prone and/or have acne scars
  • stretch marks
  • generally dull-looking skin
  • uneven skin tone or texture
  • sun damage, particularly on the face
  • melasma (grey-ish patches on the skin)

What does our Microdermabrasion Insurance include?


At Professional Beauty Direct, we guarantee to provide a Microdermabrasion insurance service that focuses on your needs as the therapist. We care about your treatments and along with our Insurers, we’ll work hard for you to fight claims, should they arise. We understand that as a beauty therapist, you might have to deal with unforeseen circumstances, which is why we have created an insurance policy, covering product, treatment and public liabilities. In addition to our £6 million standard cover, we offer you the option to extend your Microdermabrasion insurance plan to cover teacher training and professional kit/equipment. Our insurance for Microdermabrasion includes:


  • Public liability cover is used to protect you in the event of an accident happening in your workplace or at a client’s house. The insurance cover extends to injuries that are unrelated to the treatment you have carried out or accidental damage to personal belongings.


  • Product liability cover was created to compensate any of your customers who might be left with a reaction to the products you use during your treatment or sold as part of aftercare to be used following the treatment.


  • Treatment liability cover is a must-have cover, as it protects you in the event of the treatment causing injury to the customer’s face or body. This insurance policy extends to any pre or aftercare services included in the procedure. 

What Else Do We Do?


Professional Beauty Direct are leading insurance specialists for the beauty, hair and nail industries. All of our policies are designed with your best interests in mind.


We offer insurance plans for the following:


How Professional Beauty Direct Help?


At Professional Beauty Direct, we pride ourselves in offering an insurance service that is specialist to the beauty industry.  We are researching treatments and deal with beauty and hair enquiries every day so this really is our speciality. Our customer's feedback is that we are knowledgeable, helpful and friendly! We don’t want to confuse you with complicated phrases and terms, so we make sure to use simple, easy to digest language, creating a fully transparent Microdermabrasion insurance policy for you. We take away the stress of finding the right policy for you so that you can fully focus your time and energy on providing the best service to your customers.


Through our easy-to-use quote and buy system, you can ensure that your Microdermabrasion treatments are covered right away. 
For further information about our Microdermabrasion insurance policy, contact us online or call on 0345 605 8670 to speak to a friendly member of our team.

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