Holistic, complementary and alternative therapists look at their client’s physical and emotional wellbeing as a whole rather than treating particular symptoms separately.  For example, some therapies focus on the mind, body and spirit or on the flow of energy through the body.


Many of these approaches have roots in ancient Eastern philosophies of health or the kinds of traditional healing methods used widely before the development of the treatment models commonly used by the NHS.   


Although holistic therapies and complementary therapies may seem completely different from conventional beauty therapies, holistic therapies have the same end goal: to enrich a clients life and improve their health and wellbeing. 


Holistic Insurance Services


At Professional Beauty Direct we can offer you a range of holistic insurance services to cover the treatments you provide. A small selection of the therapies we cover include:

And many more. If you can’t find the treatment you offer on this list, let us know so we can discuss your exact requirements.


Our £52.50 holistic therapy policy provides £6m public liability, £6m products liability and £6m treatment liability cover as standard. You can take out instant cover online by clicking here. We offer comprehensive cover at a great price from a name you can trust. We can also cover self-employed individuals, students and salons and clinics so why not call us for a quote or use our beauty salon online quote and buy site to take out cover online.


If you’re unsure which insurance policy will be best for you then please do contact us to see how we can help you.


What is the difference between a ‘complementary’ and an ‘alternative’ therapy?


In general:

  • 'Complementary' describes therapies which may be used alongside treatments offered by GPs (such as yoga, massage and meditation)


  • 'Alternative' describes approaches which are generally meant to replace the treatments offered by a GP (such as Traditional Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic medicine, or herbal remedies such as St John’s Wort) 


Why do you need Holistic Insurance?


Requests for Holistic treatments are becoming as commonplace as conventional beauty treatments and many therapists have a foot firmly in each camp.  Surely it makes great sense to take care of both body, mind and spirit at the same appointment and many holistic therapists seek to improve their client’s health and beauty from the inside out.  


There are a lot of insurers in the market who offer policies specifically for holistic treatments or just beauty treatments but at Professional Beauty Direct we wanted to make buying insurance as streamlined as possible.  Nobody wants to have lots of different policies for their business – it is restrictive, impractical and expensive.  With this in mind, we designed a beauty policy which includes holistic treatments as standard to allow you the freedom to expand your treatment list to suit your client’s needs.


In addition to the wealth of beauty treatments that you would expect, our beauty policy also covers an extensive range of holistic treatments as standard which means you can do as many of these treatments as you are qualified in, all for the same price of just £52.50 per year for self-employed therapists who work from home, mobile and rent rooms in other people’s businesses. Explore our range of holistic treatment cover.


Aromatherapy Insurance


As an aromatherapy practitioner, you will be aware there is potential that a client could be allergic to the oils used, and may have a negative reaction. In this instance, if you have followed your training and qualifications, our insurance will ensure your peace of mind throughout the process knowing your business will be protected when dealing with compensation claims.


Getting you the correct Holistic Therapy Insurance


At Professional Beauty Direct we are industry experts when it comes to ensuring our customers get the best out of their insurance. Not only are we committed to bringing you an amazing quote, but we are also very knowledgeable of the holistic therapy business and will always try our best to accommodate your insurance needs.


If you are a Holistic therapist on the move, we can offer insurance policies for you. As you have no defined location, it is crucial that you have the correct insurance so that you and your clients have peace of mind and feel safe and secure.


If you are qualified in other treatments, our insurance policies also cover a range of other treatments including:


Contact our experts today to see how we can ensure your business is trusted, safe and protected against anything that could go wrong.


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Have you ever dreamed of teaching what you love? Whether you're an experienced MUA, lash artist, nail technician, hairdresser, or a dedicated holistic therapist, we can help you to elevate your career to new heights. Becoming an accredited trainer is more affordable than you might imagine. With our reputable name supporting you, you can significantly enhance the quality of your courses and provide your students with qualifications they can trust. If you are a training school or provider and want your courses to be accredited by Professional Beauty Direct, please contact us for more details. Or if you’re looking to train in a new treatment, click here to view our PBD Accredited Training Schools and Academies.

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