As a makeup artist, you’re responsible for making people look great and feel amazing after a makeover. Whether you’re a freelance or self-employed makeup artist or choose to work in a salon or department store, there are many avenues a makeup artist can pursue. Nonetheless, it is imperative you have makeup insurance in place to protect yourself and/or your client should a makeover go wrong. 


With the rise of social media, everybody wants to look good whether it's for a special occasion, normal working day or a casual day/evening out. Your makeup mastery, ability to blend seamlessly, brow wizardry and contour powers are highly sought after, however, the profession doesn’t come without its pitfalls. We understand accidents occur and unexpected events can take a turn for the worse; a client can have an adverse reaction to your make-up or your equipment and makeup kit can become lost or stolen on a mobile job. How do you protect yourself from these kinds of scenarios? We are an industry-leading provider of makeup artist insurance with a primary goal to safeguard your business. Our makeup artist insurance covers all the necessary elements to ensure you can work without any constraints, whether that’s independently, within a salon, or department, or onset. Our insurance covers:


  • Accidents and reactions to treatments
  • £6,000,000 treatment liability cover
  • £6,000,000 product liability cover
  • £6,000,000 public liability cover
  • £10,000,000 Employers liability cover (Salons only)
  • Free professional beauty magazine subscription (Salons only)
  • Business interruption, money and glass cover (salons only)


Expert Provider of Freelance and Self-Employed Makeup Artist Insurance

Applying makeup is a form of art and should not be underestimated. There are many different variations of makeup application, including:


  • Fashion and photographic makeup
  • Media makeup
  • Camouflage makeup
  • Airbrush makeup
  • Makeup for performers
  • Full body makeup for performers
  • Special effects makeup
  • Character makeup
  • Natural, flawless makeup
  • Editorial makeup
  • Experimental makeup
  • Beauty
  • Bridal makeup

Please note that this policy does not include the application of false eyelashes 


Whether you specialise in one of the areas above or are an expert in multiple applications, it can be hugely rewarding seeing the joy you bring to a client when you complete their look. Not only can you transform their mood, but you can also heighten their confidence to newfound levels. However, we understand it can also be a worry as a makeup artist, especially when working freelance or self-employed if something goes wrong. For example, a client could have a reaction to your makeup, you accidentally damage an item in a client’s home or business premises, or your makeup kit became lost or stolen during a job. Many unpredictable events can happen, however, you can put the necessary precautions in place to protect yourself and/or your business from these situations with makeup artist insurance. 


Why does a makeup artist need insurance?


Whether you’re a self-employed, freelance or salon-based makeup artist, you have daily exposure to customers and businesses and provide a service involving personal contact. As a makeup artist your responsibilities might involve, but not be limited to:


  • Communicating with clients to understand their wishes and expectations
  • Reading briefs to understand the desired look and the materials required
  • Liaising with other members within the beauty team to ensure looks are consistent
  • Demonstrate an understanding of lighting, photography and the impact makeup has on the skin
  • Maintain awareness and implement health and safety measures in accordance with the Health and Safety Act
  • Maintaining and updating a portfolio of beauty products
  • Sourcing, budgeting and ordering products and materials
  • Time management and working under pressure
  • Taking notes and photographs of work to maintain and update person portfolio


A client could make a claim for compensation if an accident has happened during the makeover, similarly, you can make a claim if your makeup kit has been lost or stolen during your working hours. Makeup insurance provides your client peace of mind knowing you’ve taken the time to invest in their safety and well being.


Our insurance covers:

  • Public liability: This insurance covers your client in the event an injury occurs within the client’s home, your home or third-party premises. It also covers a client’s property if an item becomes damaged during a visit.
  • Product liability: This insurance covers you if you sell any products to your clients for instance as part of aftercare advice.
  • Treatment liability: This insurance covers you if a client falls ill or experiences an injury as a result of your treatment.


What other insurance do we do?

At Professional Beauty Direct we offer an extensive list of beauty and salon insurance for particular treatments. We offer insurance packages covering a range of particular beauty and salon treatments. If you are qualified to administer a treatment that isn’t on our treatment list, please get in touch and we’ll see if its something we can cover. Other treatments we provide insurance for include:



Freelance and Self-Employed Makeup Artist Insurance


If you are a freelance or self-employed makeup artist our insurance policies cover your work too. If you travel to third-party venues, business premises or client home’s you’ll be covered in the event that an incident happens if you have insurance in place. For more information regarding our insurance policies please get in contact. 


How can Professional Beauty Direct Help


We are one of the leading hair and beauty insurers in the UK focused on safeguarding your business. We understand some insurance companies can come across intimidating, unapproachable or incomprehensible; we want to break the mould and provide a friendly, personable and comprehensible approach to insurance. 


We are proud to offer a professional, credible and trustworthy service which makes your profession more enjoyable and secure. Our client advisors are always on hand to make the process of implementing an insurance policy as smooth as possible, this includes helping you understand typically confusing policies and industry jargon. 


Contact us now to speak to one of our massage therapist insurance experts.


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