As a face painter, your job is to bring delight to both children and adults by transforming them into their favourite characters, from superheroes to mythical creatures. However, as with all areas of the beauty industry, your business may be liable to damage, whether that’s from theft or injury. 


The Professional Beauty Direct Beauty insurance policy will protect you and your business by covering you through the necessary Face Painting treatment and liability insurance. With our help, you can continue to provide excellent service without worrying about accidental claims or the loss of your products. 


Why do you need Face Painting Insurance?


As a professional face painter, insurance can be a success to the livelihood of your business. Claims made against you can be a challenging hurdle to overcome, however, with the right insurance in place rest assured your business can recover quickly or not feel the impact at all. 


We understand the mastery, patience and effort that goes into creating face painting masterpieces. A typical day for a face painter would include:

  • Paint new and accurate designs on your clients
  • Provide stellar customer service 
  • Perform under time constraints
  • Interact with and care for children 
  • Use up-to-date application techniques 
  • Provide expert advice on the removal of face paint


However, unexpected accidents and incidents can happen. If an accident occurs, such as a customer suffers an allergic reaction, a client suffers from an injury or illnesses as a result of your treatment or you accidentally spill or break something within a client’s property, your client has legal grounds to make a claim. This is when our Face Painting Insurance policy will come into use.


Our insurance policy includes different types of liability insurance, including Public Liability Insurance, Treatment Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance. 


Public Liability Insurance covers any injuries or accidents which may be sustained on your premises, such as a child tripping up over your equipment.


Treatment Liability Insurance will protect you from any claims that may be made against you by a client which has suffered an injury, allergy or illness as a result of treatment received by you, provided you have followed the terms and conditions of the policy and manufacturers guidelines of the product.


Finally, a Product Liability Insurance will cover any products you sell to your clients, such as face paint or face paint remover. 


If you’re looking to increase the level of your protection, such as kit and equipment cover, this can be added as an optional extra to our standard policy. We understand your kit and additional products are imperative for your livelihood. Cultivating a set of products can make a huge investment, with some pro kits costing over £200 excluding paintbrushes, sponges, stamps and anything else you may require. By adding this optional extra to your insurance policy, you can recover the cost of your products in case of theft or accidental loss, which can save you a lot of money from reinvesting in products. 


What other types of Insurance do we provide?


We specialise in providing insurance for all areas of the beauty industry, whether you are a salon owner, a self-employed stylist or student beautician. We pride ourselves in offering insurance policies to suit your career, including those who work from home and freelancers. Professional Beauty Direct also offers:


If you can’t find your profession on our list, please contact us or use our step-by-step form to find the right insurance that matches you.


How can Professional Beauty Direct help you?


Our team is comprised of a small and friendly group of industry-leading insurance specialists for the beauty industry. We aim to make insurance more accessible to everyone, regardless of your profession or background. Protecting and cultivating your business in an understandable way is important to us, which is why we limit the use of legal jargon and complicated terms.


If you have any further concerns or queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always available to answer your questions, whether they are big or small. 

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Beauty, Nail and Hair Salons Covered 
£6,000,000 Liability Cover
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