Facials are the cornerstones of the beauty industry and any professional beauty clinician knows about the many benefits a facial can bring, from helping remove those stubborn blackheads to slowing down the natural ageing process of the skin. They are generally safe and mild treatments that take care of imperfections of the face, but as with any treatment you should always be prepared should the worst happen.


Some side-effects of facials are more common than others, with allergic reactions being the number one complaint.  Even if you have followed your training and the manufacturer’s advice to the letter, you might be liable to pay out to the affected client if an injury was to occur.  For example, any injury resulting from equipment that hasn’t been properly sterilised or handled correctly could mean a long and costly legal battle for your business. 


Luckily, Professional Beauty Direct offers a Facial Insurance policy to protect you against compensation claims that could cost you your business. Our standard Facial Insurance covers treatment, public and product liability, up to an astounding £6 million! Our quote and buy system, unique to our brand, makes it extremely easy to extend your insurance package to include property/equipment and teacher training, should you need it. 


Treat yourself to the peace of mind that you deserve while practising what you love with our comprehensive Facial Insurance policy.


What is Facial Treatment?


Experienced Beauticians will immediately recognise who could benefit from a professional facial treatment, and which problem areas they should be focusing on.   They deal with a number of different skin issues on a daily basis, which requires a variety of techniques and products to be used.


A facial is a skin treatment that consists of multiple steps and is one of the most reliable ways of improving the health of the skin. It is the second most popular spa treatment, behind massages. A facial treatment will cleanse and exfoliate the old layer of your client’s skin, exposing new skin cells that can then be stimulated with a topical massage and nourished with specially created moisturisers. 


A facial should start with a consultation with the therapist. Some beauticians might provide the client with a questionnaire to help them understand the condition of their skin and other factors that could affect your customer’s health, such as diet. Others will sit with the customer and ask those questions in person duly recording the answers to satisfy the requirement to keep client record cards and ensure any contra-indications are noted and acted upon accordingly.   Either way, no effective treatment can be performed unless the beautician knows their customer’s habits and understands their particular needs.


There are several advantages to getting a facial, here we have compiled our top picks:

  • Skin analysis performed by an experienced professional who will be able to identify the client’s needs and areas requiring attention, allowing them to arrange a treatment plan.


  • Exfoliation that is tailored to your client and their skin type, ensuring that the products and techniques used are not too harsh on the skin, minimising the risk of burns and allergic reactions.


  • A reduction in blackheads and clogged pores that eventually lead to unsightly spots, improving the overall appearance of the skin.


  • Professional strength hydration - particularly beneficial to those with dry complexion.


  • Increased circulation and stress release as a result of the massage to the face received as standard with most treatments.


  • Expert advice around your normal skin routine and how different chemicals can affect your skin.


  • Last, but not least… because treating yourself is what we’re all about in 2020!


What Does Our Facial Insurance Include?


At Professional Beauty Direct, we know how important it is to have the peace of mind knowing that your business is protected in case something was to go wrong. That’s why our Facial Insurance includes £6m public liability cover, £6m product liability cover and £6m treatment liability cover as standard. 


  • Public liability cover protects you in case of a claim against you for a non-treatment related injury or damage to your client’s personal property.


  • Product liability cover is used as a way to compensate any of your customers who might be left unsatisfied by products used during the treatment, as well as anything that you might have sold to your customers post-treatment.


  • Treatment liability cover is arguably the most important cover, as it protects you and your business should a treatment you have performed causes injury to the customer. 


What Other Insurance Do We Offer


We understand that each facial therapist offers a different range of treatments and therefore require their insurance plans to be comprehensive, whilst maintaining flexibility. This is why our dedicated team of professionals designed an array of insurance policies with your interests in mind.


Some of the other insurance plans that we offer are:


How can Professional Beauty Direct help?



At Professional Beauty Direct, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile to offer an insurance service that is completely dedicated to our business. We believe it is important to provide personalised plans to our customers along with professional advice to help you succeed in your vision.


We stay away from complicated legal jargon and keep to simple phrases and terms instead, so that you can fully understand our Facial Insurance policy and know that we’re here for you.


Through our easy-to-use quote and buy system, you can ensure that the facial treatments you offer are covered right away. 


For further information about our Facial insurance policy, contact us online or call on 0345 605 8670 to speak to an experienced member of our team. 


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