Professional Beauty Direct is one of the UK’s leading insurance providers for electrolysis. Our insurance policies include £6m public liability, product liability and treatment liability cover. Our quote and buy system means you can be instantly covered.


Electrolysis is commonly used for hair removal, focusing on removing individual hairs from areas of the body and face. Electrolysis is different from laser hair removal in that it uses an epilator device to disrupt and prevent new hair follicles from reproducing.  


Electrolysis helps individuals remove hair permanently from a particular area of the body. The number of treatments needed will depend on the individual, however, most will have weekly or bi-weekly treatments over a period of time to achieve permanent results. 


If you specialise in electrolysis, you’ll be aware that some clients can find the treatment very painful and some side effects and risks are involved. When this is the case, it is crucial you have electrolysis insurance in place in the event a claim against you arises.


Common side effects and risks of electrolysis include infection from unsterile needles, scarring, skin discolouration, redness, skin irritation, bruising and swelling. Whilst most of these side effects are short-term, if you fail to provide the correct pre-treatment and post-treatment aftercare advice, you may be required to give compensation. 


Another alternative treatment to electrolysis is laser hair removal. Some argue electrolysis achieves better results while others tend to opt for electrolysis over laser hair removal because few side effects and risks are involved. We provide insurance cover for laser hair removal and electrolysis, so whether you offer one or both treatments, you can be covered. We also cover Advanced Electrolysis treatments for things such as skin rejuvenation, for a small additional annual premium, subject to qualifications.


What Does Our Electrolysis Insurance Cover Include?


Our electrolysis insurance policy for basic electrolysis treatments includes £6m public liability, product liability and treatment liability cover. We understand you do what you do out of love and passion for your job but also because you enjoy improving how people look and feel about themselves. Our insurance policies provide you with peace of mind knowing you can get on with your career without the worries and fears that a compensation claim could crop up at any time. 


  • Public liability cover will protect you if your client suffers a non-treatment based injury when they visit your premises and if you accidentally damage their property during your visit.


  • Treatment liability cover will protect you if your client suffers an injury or illness as a result of the electrolysis treatment or because of the aftercare advice provided by you.


  • Product liability cover will protect you if a client suffers an illness or injury e.g. an allergic reaction, from a product sold or supplied by you which are directly related to the treatment provided.


What Other Insurance Cover Do We offer?


We offer industry-leading insurance for beauty, hair and nail technicians. Whether you are a self-employed beautician, student, salon owner we have an insurance policy suitable for you. We understand mistakes can happen, however, our insurance coverages mean you can do what you love without worry.


We offer protection for the following:


How Can Professional Beauty Direct Help?


We are a small team of insurance professionals adopting a friendly approach to ensure insurance is accessible for everyone. We understand it can sometimes be a daunting and intimidating process looking for the right insurance; we avoid using technical jargon so you feel comfortable through every step of the process. We also want you to fully understand your insurance policy before you buy.


We have a simple quote and buy system which enables you to buy your policy immediately and benefit from instant cover. 


You also have the chance to upgrade your policy and add teacher training cover and kit and equipment cover. 


If you would like more information regarding our policies, please get in touch online, via 0345 605 8670 or email info@professionalbeautydirect.co.uk.

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