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How to become a holistic therapist

Holistic therapy goes back in history by thousands of years, and was being used before medicinal treatments with the use of the term ‘holistic’ dating back to Hippocrates, over 2,500 years...

How to become a holistic therapist

Holistic therapy goes back in history by thousands of years, and was being used before medicinal treatments with the use of the term ‘holistic’ dating back to Hippocrates, over 2,500 years ago. The word holistic originates from the Greek language with ‘holos’, which in english translates to ‘whole’. This therapy type combines spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The goal of holistic therapy is to help individuals develop an understanding of themselves that is of a much deeper level, and is designed to address the whole person.

At a surface level, a problem may appear isolated to just one aspect of yourself, but these issues are rarely caused by just one element, there are often multiple factors which are connected and causing this problem.

Holistic therapy can be used in many different ways, often practiced in individual and group settings. Inspiration for holistic therapy is often taken from other therapies including mindfulness, reiki, cognitive behavioural therapy and psychodynamic therapy.

What does a holistic therapist do?

Holistic therapy sessions are tailored to the individual needs, with no two sessions being the same. 

Holistic therapies typically involve alternative or complementary treatments designed to help individuals who may be suffering with problems connected to either the body or the mind. The primary aim for the holistic therapist is to treat a client as a whole, as opposed to different parts which do not interconnect. 

A Holistic Therapist will generally assess factors such as sleep, diet, exercise and other lifestyle aspects as part of their treatment and recommend strategies to work towards optimum wellness. 

Some holistic therapy sessions focus primarily on psychological exercises including:

  • Meditation and mindfulness practice, this can include, mindful eating, visualisation and breathwork.
  • Exercises based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), this can include positive self-talk, cognitive reframing and journaling.
  • Sound therapy or aromatherapy, which involve listening to certain sounds or smelling certain fragrances.
  • Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy, aims to improve mental health through addressing the underlying causes of an individuals problems as well as how to work towards solving them.

Other holistic therapy sessions have a focus on physical exercise, including:

  • Yoga, to encourage relaxation and sense of inner peace.
  • Massage therapy, to help your body relax and destress.
  • Reiki, a technique where energy is moved around your body without the therapist touching you.
  • Acupuncture or acupressure, applying pressure to certain points to release pressure and work with the body's energy field.

Holistic therapy can include both physical and psychological elements, with an overarching educational side.

With holistic therapy, there is no set frequency or length, with some sessions available as a one off. Individuals often talk with their holistic therapist to establish treatment goals and length so that individual needs can be met.

How to become a holistic therapist

If you’re interested in becoming a holistic therapist, here is some guidance on the steps you can take to become a holistic therapist.


For most complementary and alternative therapies there is no regulation to say you must have any specific qualification. Depending on the particular therapy you intend to offer as a holistic therapist, you will need to do research to understand the type of training you need to complete to practice.


There are voluntary professional bodies for holistic therapy which have been established with the aim of self-regulation, including the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT). When accredited by a professional body you increase how secure your clients feel, whilst ensuring optimum safety. Furthermore, by joining a professional body you can stay up to date with industry techniques and trends.

By insuring your practice you can provide additional reassurance to both your clients and yourself, if any incidents or damages do occur you are fully protected. Our holistic therapy insurance covers a wide range of treatments with a £6 million cover as standard for public, product and treatment liability.

Holistic Therapy Insurance

If you provide holistic therapy, we offer a range of holistic insurance services to cover the treatments that you provide. We provide a beauty policy which includes holistic treatments as standard, giving you the freedom to expand your treatment list to suit your clients needs. There is a £6 million standard cover for public, product and treatment liability. 

  • Public Liability insurance covers any injuries or accidents which may occur in your place of work whether that be your home, a clients home or a clinic, such as a customer falling over your equipment.
  • Product Liability Insurance covers any products which you sell to clients. If this product then causes an allergic reaction, as long as all terms and conditions of the insurance policy and the manufacturers guidelines of the product have been followed then the insurance policy covers the claim.
  • Treatment Liability Insurance covers claims on a complementary therapy treatment that you have provided to a client. For example, if a client is injured as a result of the treatment.

Our insurance policy provides cover for various therapies including but not limited to: 

  • Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Meditation
  • Alexander technique
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Sports Massage Therapy
  • Bowen Technique
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Shiatsu

Our insurance starts from as little as £52.50 a year for holistic therapists. This competitive price provides both peace of mind and security. 

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our clients, we are not a call centre so you know you are always speaking to a specialist. You will often speak to the same specialist in our team throughout your policy life cycle. 

We are here to help you throughout your career, utilising our specialist knowledge of the industry so that your insurance process is as simple as possible.

Buy our holistic insurance now or to find out more about our Professional Beauty Direct holistic therapist insurance costs and policy options please contact us online or give us a call on 03456 058 670.