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Being an Accredited Trainer with us

Have you ever considered becoming a trainer? Sharing your love of beauty treatments for the next generation might just be the most rewarding thing you ever did!    At Professional Beau...

Being an Accredited Trainer with us

Have you ever considered becoming a trainer? Sharing your love of beauty treatments for the next generation might just be the most rewarding thing you ever did! 


At Professional Beauty Direct we accredit around 200 trainers, for a variety of treatments from lashes and make-up, to laser and micro-needling.


At the end of last year, we asked some of our fantastic accredited trainers to share their experiences with us and let us know how they found the whole process. We loved hearing their feedback and hope it will encourage some of you to take the next step and become accredited with us!



Karin Douglas of Energise Therapies Training Academy in Glasgow tells us more!


What made you first become a trainer? What or who were your influences?

“I worked in community education prior to moving to teach therapies in further education colleges, so had been in the education field for a while. I set up my own training school because I wanted to be able to work with small classes in a welcoming environment and to give the level of individual attention and support to learners that are possible with smaller groups. I think that the more therapists that are providing relaxation and wellbeing-promoting treatments, the better!”


What is the most rewarding part of your job?

“Seeing learners develop into confident, competent, caring therapists (with fab posture!)” 


How did you find the process of becoming accredited with Professional Beauty Direct?

“It was a very thorough process, but very straightforward - full information was given at the outset on what documentation and evidence were required, and I liked that there was follow up/ clarification of points as required. This showed me that PBD is careful to make sure accredited courses are comprehensive, detailed and accurate.”


Why would you choose us over other providers?

“I liked that PBD ensures trainers are properly qualified and experienced in the subjects to be taught - there’s no chance of someone completing training in one week, and teaching it the next, as trainers must have at least 12 months industry experience delivering the treatments they teach.  I think this is vital to ensure quality and to make sure that learners are getting the best possible training experience from someone who has actually carried out the treatments on a regular basis over a period of time.”


What’s the one thing you wish you could change about the industry (if anything)?

“Online practical subject courses are becoming far too common, as are one-day courses for beginners.  I think shorter courses are fine for qualified and experienced therapists, but not at entry-level. I also feel strongly that even short courses should have a follow up practical assessment a few weeks later to ensure people are working safely.”


If you wanted to describe a typical day in the life of you or send us photos of your school, trainers or students we would be happy to post this too!

“A typical training day at Energise involves setting up our training room, ready for training starting at 10:30. We're also a treatment centre, so Lucy holds the fort on that side of our work along with Luisa who deals with our admin once a week. A quick cuppa with the learners, while we go through induction and check that pre-course notes, have been read and understood and then we're onto a demonstration of moves and practice, working in pairs. People usually bring lunch with them, so there's a quick break for a bite to eat while I catch up with Lucy and Luisa (and feed the birds out the back door!) and then more tuition and practice till 4:30ish. We then recap, answer any questions, and give details of case studies and assignments before arranging a date and time for the assessment day return visit, making sure people know how to contact us if any additional support is required.


Once learners have left, it's laundry, laundry and more laundry, sweeping and mopping, and the short drive home to get fed and watered :)


A quick cuddle with the cat (oh, and the husband!) and then it's replying to emails, social media messages and texts, filling and emptying the washing machine several times, marking assignments and taking bookings till around 11 pm.


Hectic but happy! :)”



If you would like to book an accredited course with Karin in the Glasgow area, get in contact with her today!






The fee to become accredited by us is £200 for the first year and just £55 per year after this. This price includes the accreditation of as many courses as you choose to send through, a listing on the Professional Beauty Direct website, use of our logo, leaflets to hand to your students and a welcome pack including a certificate of accreditation. We actively monitor and record students that come to us for insurance after completing your courses, we then feed this back to you monthly.


Call or email us for more details!

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17th April 2019