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Legal Expenses Cover
Legal Expenses Cover

As a salon owner, you have insurance for your salon which covers you if you have a theft or liability claim, but have you considered what would happen if you found yourself in a legal dispute?


The cost of appointing a solicitor can run into thousands of pounds but having a legal expenses policy with Professional Beauty Direct gives you access to a panel of highly qualified solicitors who can give you free advice when you need it most, and where applicable, provide cover for the legal costs involved in going to court.


Some typical examples of the types of situation where our products could help include:


  • What if a company sold you a machine that did not work as expected and then refused to repair or replace the machine, and you are stuck with paying for a machine that cannot generate any income.


  • Have you considered who you would turn to if you had a disgruntled employee who took you to the tribunal for unfair dismissal? 


  • What would you do if you need help recovering a debt following the provision of goods and services?


These situations can be more common than you may think.


In addition to this, the advice is always available for you in matters such as:


  • Employment/apprentice contracts
  • Chair rental agreements
  • Writing staff handbooks and employment policies
  • Advice on legislation


Our legal expenses policy is competitively priced and could save you time and money should the worst happen. 


The peace of mind you will get from knowing that you always have a qualified legal expert on hand to give advice when needed is invaluable. You have spent time and money building your business up why would you risk losing this?

Please get in contact for a quotation by calling 0345 605 870 or why not email us at info@professionalbeautydirect.co.uk