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How much does Reiki insurance cost

Our Reiki Insurance for self-employed individuals costs from as little as £52.50 per year, whilst our salon insurance starts from as little as £2310.10  per year. Reiki is a Japanese term which is ...

How much does Reiki insurance cost

Our Reiki Insurance for self-employed individuals costs from as little as £52.50 per year, whilst our salon insurance starts from as little as £2310.10  per year.

Reiki is a Japanese term which is made from two words: 
Rei - which means ‘God’s Wisdom’ or the ‘Higher Power’
Ki - which means ‘life force energy’.

Reiki therapy is the practice of Japanese stress relief and relaxation techniques, these techniques promote the healing of others. Qualified Reiki healers lay their hands on clients, working with ‘life force energy’ which flows throughout our bodies.

Reiki therapy aims to gain balance within the body, promoting self-healing. Clients who are looking for a healing process that is natural and spiritual will often opt for reiki. 

Reiki practitioners target “stagnant”  energy points that are located around the body to improve the flow of energy and promote relaxation, pain relief, and support healing. Many practitioners pursue this profession as they enjoy making others feel better and find it rewarding to see the improved quality of life.

Reiki practitioners can work either freelance, self-employed or within a salon environment. Regardless of how you operate as an individual, you will have direct contact with clients daily to administer the spiritual healing process. 

Your responsibilities as a reiki practitioner may include, but not be limited to:

  • Discussing client medical conditions and their previous medical history to form client consultations.
  • Treating clients based on the client’s condition, medical history and long term goals.
  • Maintain and update treatment reports and plans.
  • Ensuring clients are as comfortable as possible before and during the treatment to maximise benefits.
  • Marketing and advertising your business.

At Professional Beauty Direct, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality insurance policies for reiki practitioners and healers. In any profession, no matter how well prepared you are, accidents do happen. 

Claims for reiki practitioners can often be based around negligence or due to an accident. For example, a client may claim you’ve injured them during a treatment, or accidentally damaged their belongings on a home visit. 

Our reiki insurance provides you with peace of mind knowing that you are protected in all circumstances, with further protection available as an optional extra if your equipment is lost or stolen. Reiki insurance also gives your clients confidence, illustrating that you have their best interests in mind to help them. 

What does Reiki insurance cover?

Our reiki insurance is suitable for all reiki practitioners, whether you are a student, self-employed, or work within a salon. A Professional Beauty Direct reiki insurance policy protects you, your business, your employees and your clients.

If you are a provider of reiki therapy, we offer a range of insurance services to cover the treatments that you provide, with £6 million cover as standard. This covers public, product and treatment liability;

  • Public Liability Insurance covers any injuries or accidents which may occur in your place of work whether that be your home, a client home or a clinic, as well as any damage caused to the client’s property during a visit to their home.
  • Product Liability Insurance covers any products which you sell yourself to clients. If this product then causes an allergic reaction, as long as all terms and conditions of the insurance policy and the manufacturer guidelines of the product have been followed then the insurance policy will cover the claim.
  • Treatment Liability Insurance covers claims on a treatment that you have provided to a client. For example, if your treatment were to cause them an injury.  

If you offer reiki from your own salon or commercial premises then we have further insurance options, providing employers liability cover up to £10 million.  This  safeguards your business against legal and compensation expenses that employees claim if they are injured at work. We also provide business interruption, money and glass cover with all salon policies.  Business interruption cover protects your business if you  cannot trade if  your premises are damaged by an insured event such as a flood or fire and you  suffer a loss of earnings as a result. 

We offer additional add ons to our reiki insurance policy including:

  • Kit and equipment cover, we understand how much professional equipment costs, so we can offer damage and theft cover for these if this suits your needs.
  • Teacher training insurance, if you wish to train individuals to become reiki practitioners this add on is the perfect addition, assuring you that if any mistakes are made you have cover in place. 

We provide cover for other beauty, nail and hair treatments. Our specialist insurance policies mean that if you practice the application of multiple hair, nail and beauty treatments, we can offer you a policy that encompasses all of these. 

We aim to give you the freedom and flexibility you need for your insurance to suit your business needs. 

Please, explore our treatment list to see if we cover a specific treatment. If you can’t find the treatment you require, please enquire with us and we’ll discuss your requirements. 

How much does reiki insurance cost?

At Professional Beauty Direct, we are dedicated to making your insurance process simple and stress-free. We will work closely with you throughout the whole process, going the extra mile to ensure your business gets the insurance that is best suited to your needs. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you have a successful reiki business. 

Our reiki insurance costs start from just £52.50 a year, so don’t wait until it is too late, get protected today.

Contact our reiki insurance experts today and see how we can well protect your business and give you and your clients peace of mind.