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Eyelash Extension Insurance Cost

Eyelash extension insurance costs are as little as £52.50 for qualified lash technicians who are working on a self-employed or mobile basis.  This is a relatively low price to pay in com...

Eyelash Extension Insurance Cost

Eyelash extension insurance costs are as little as £52.50 for qualified lash technicians who are working on a self-employed or mobile basis. 

This is a relatively low price to pay in comparison to any claims that may be made against you which can amount to hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Policies from various Insurance companies offered online may provide a different insurance service and different costs, which is why it is important to carefully read through the fine print to ensure you are aware of exactly what you are paying for.

Unfortunately, accidents are sometimes unavoidable, which is why you should have insurance in place to protect you.  In these situations, any small business owner can suffer from massive losses if you are unprotected by either not having an insurance policy in place at all or by having one that isn’t adequate for the risks you face. Professional Beauty Direct provide an appropriate eyelash extension insurance policy which should meet your needs. This can provide you with cover for over £6,000,000 Public, Products and Treatment Liability and, for an additional premium, can even cover any loss or damage to your kit and equipment. It’s important you consider all the risks associated with your business though and make sure the policy covers you correctly.


Why Starting Your Own Eyelash Extension Business is the Way Forward

Who doesn’t want to have luxurious, thick eyelashes? With increased social media influence, eyelash extensions are a highly demanded beauty service throughout the country. As a lash student or a newly qualified professional, you might be considering opening your own Salon or providing freelance services; 

Wondering whether the lash industry will continue to grow in popularity?

With the beauty industry contributing £28.4 billion to the UK economy during 2018 alone and over 1,000 new beauty stores and salons opening their doors to customers all over the nation,  the massive impact that the eyelash industry has had on the sector is obvious. It is estimated that between 2019 -2024, the industry is expected to make around £1.16 billion in annual product sales. 

There are lots of benefits to starting your own business. For instance, you can have full control over your working hours, as well as designing your workplace as you see fit. Remember though, it is really important to plan for the future by ensuring you have an eyelash extension insurance policy in place. This will protect the integrity of your business and the investment you make in setting up your mobile business or Salon.

What Does a Lash Technician Do? 

Similarly to other beauty technicians and hair stylists, lash technicians are also required to train, gain qualifications and experience before taking on their own clients. Completing courses that are accredited by Professional Beauty Direct are a good way of starting off the journey to becoming a fully qualified lash service provider. A reputable, well-structured training course provides technicians with vital knowledge of things such as safely using chemicals and sharps equipment to complete their service without any causing any damage or injury to a client’s face.

As an eyelash extension technician, you are responsible for making clients look beautiful and striking with lashes to be envious of. Common lash services include: 

  • Eyelash extensions in a variety of lengths, diameters and curls
  • Synthetic, silk or mink lash options
  • Hybrid lashes
  • Lash sets in various volumes
  • Full lash sets
  • Half lash sets
  • Infills 
  • Eyelash extension removals
  • Eyelash lift
  • Eyelash tinting


Risks of Opening an Eyelash Extension Business

For providers of lash extension services, customers have certain expectations that need to be met when they visit your salon whether this is home-based or in an established beauty salon. This includes clean and well-presented premises, sterilised up-to-date equipment, use of premium quality products and industry-approved techniques. However, as with any beauty practice, there are several safety risks that may threaten the wellbeing of yourself, any staff and customers. 

Potential risks that may impact your business include: 

  • Inflammation and redness
  • Infections caused by bacteria and dirt trapped under extensions
  • Allergic reactions caused by lash glue adhesives
  • Eyelash loss due to tugging 
  • Swelling and inflammation 
  • Itching
  • Potential blindness caused by some eyelash tinting dyes
  • Accidental injury to the person
  • Accidental damage to the client’s property

Providing you follow all health and safety precautions, your training, and industry-standard practice, there should be no issues that occur with the services you provide. 

Professional Beauty Direct can help you with any concerns you may have so please feel free to give us a call or email and we’ll be happy to help you.


18th December 2019